Just for Fun – An Amazing realization while grocery shopping today

While I have always maintained that humanity on this planet is linked together no matter where we live.  All actions have some sort butterfly effect, an action undertaken in some part of the world could somehow make an impact on your day to day life.

I know is sounds out there but while grocery shopping today, my wife decided to buy oranges. I did not think twice about the oranges, I just went to shelf where the oranges were and put a few in the bag and went along my merry way shopping for other groceries.

                         When we got home and started unpacking, I happen to observe the sticker on the oranges it said “Made in South Africa”. How amazing is that !!! Our lives are so integrated. Think about it a little, that an orange farmer decided to plant an orange tree sometime ago and after the farmer harvested the oranges. Packed them in boxes shipped them of to an intermediary and that intermediary sold the oranges to a buyer in the US. The fresh oranges where shipped off the coast/flown from a South African city and landed here in the US. After reaching the US, a truck driver loaded up these oranges and delivered them to the grocery store. A grocery store person stocked shelf so that people like my family can enjoy those oranges.  How amazing is that!
 It is amazing how are lives integrated without even knowing about each others existence. Just Imagine just a few hundred years ago, it hard to accomplish something like unless someone was brave enough to navigate the treacherous seas. Even though our road has been bumpy to where we are today, sometimes we need to take a step back and enjoy what all we have accomplished so far … 
Amazing what a simply act of grocery shopping can make you realize…

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