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Things that I believe in

Over the past year, even though I have been blogging quiet frequently, I have never posted a personal blog about my beliefs. This blog post are about things that I believe in ( none of this is original, these are things that picked up in my experiences and found a great person’s quote to validate my belief).

Technology helps people get better, hence people should not fear it and my job is to help people get better

Ever since human beings walked this planet, we have developed technology to help us get better. The benefits of the many outweigh the few. My purpose on this planet is to help people overcome their fear and get better. This will in turn help me be a better person

Stop over analyzing.. Ideas are nothing, doing something is more valuable.. do something and learn from it… so just do it

There are times when you over analyze things and every possible outlier has disastrous consequences in your head. That is it ! It is in your head. There are so many people who have great ideas but those are only valuable when you have done something with it.

If you are going to fail, fail against something big. That way you can overcome it better

The only way you can tweak what you are doing is by failing fast and there will be many failures before you hit it big.  Get insight improve and pivot if you need to… eventually you will overcome the problem not directly but in an another way that you may have not conceived  it

Don’t be trapped in other peoples dogma but crave feedback after doing something

Everyone has opinions  and everyone will give opinions …. that is the great thing about us humans we  like to share our ideas and opinions even when they are unsolicited.  But just because someone says something is the way it is for several thousands of years does not mean you have subscribe to that … try it out and yes if you fail now you know the thinking that prevailed in the age old thinking i.e. you have a data point. Remember there was a time people thought that humans were not meant to fly… look at where we are now

Everything is just a job, nobody is going to ask you how your job was when you are on your deathbed

Being a great employee or a business owner is great. But when you are dying, how is that job going to define your existence on this planet ?

Nice people may not come out top, but jerks will never come out on top in the long run

I have personal experience with this… it is always good to be nice to people. People appreciate that. Jerks may win several battles but in the long run they get what they deserve.


There are so many things that can distract you. Focus on one thing and do an awesome job at it and Keep on Learning

People closest to the revenue are the last to get laid off

I have survived my share of layoffs and I can assure you this one comes from experience. People that are critical to help anyone generate revenue or rewards of any kind are the last to let go.

70/30 rule: Be 70% good at what you focus on and be exceptional… be 30% good on the adjacent areas

You need to have an open mind, learn.  This 70/30 rule has helped me understand the bigger picture better because being 100% on just one thing … usually does not end well and in most cases not possible

Do what you like and like what you do… life is good

I know this is the life is good quote but I believe in this. Try to do things that you like and life will be good

People are inherently good and trustworthy… circumstances cause them to change their priorities in life

I am not saying that I blindly trust everyone… but I believe everyone comes into this world with same credentials as everyone from a trust and goodness perspective… but circumstances calibrate our environment for us and being exposed to much of a bad thing sometimes messes up our moral compass

These are just few things that I believe in …. appreciate your thoughts and feedback on twitter


August 8, 2013

Folks I apologize for not writing a blog over the last few weeks. I am in the process of drafting ideas for my next series of blogs from September on wards (yes I was on vacation for a few weeks and then had to make sure I caught up on work ).During the break my family and I went to Mount Rushmore the drive was amazing, we saw a good part of the country. I will be posting some pictures of my trip on a later blog

Anyways now that I am rejuvenated for the rest of the year, I would like to hear what type of product management topics you would like me to blog about like I said I don’t claim to be an expert but I am more than willing to share my perspective on a potential angle to solve an issue.
Looking forward to your comments and thoughts

Just for Fun – An Amazing realization while grocery shopping today

While I have always maintained that humanity on this planet is linked together no matter where we live.  All actions have some sort butterfly effect, an action undertaken in some part of the world could somehow make an impact on your day to day life.

I know is sounds out there but while grocery shopping today, my wife decided to buy oranges. I did not think twice about the oranges, I just went to shelf where the oranges were and put a few in the bag and went along my merry way shopping for other groceries.

                         When we got home and started unpacking, I happen to observe the sticker on the oranges it said “Made in South Africa”. How amazing is that !!! Our lives are so integrated. Think about it a little, that an orange farmer decided to plant an orange tree sometime ago and after the farmer harvested the oranges. Packed them in boxes shipped them of to an intermediary and that intermediary sold the oranges to a buyer in the US. The fresh oranges where shipped off the coast/flown from a South African city and landed here in the US. After reaching the US, a truck driver loaded up these oranges and delivered them to the grocery store. A grocery store person stocked shelf so that people like my family can enjoy those oranges.  How amazing is that!
 It is amazing how are lives integrated without even knowing about each others existence. Just Imagine just a few hundred years ago, it hard to accomplish something like unless someone was brave enough to navigate the treacherous seas. Even though our road has been bumpy to where we are today, sometimes we need to take a step back and enjoy what all we have accomplished so far … 
Amazing what a simply act of grocery shopping can make you realize…